Randy Sparber, Skate Church Director/Monday Night Staff

Randy Sparber is our fearless leader! Faithful voluinteer with this ministry for almost 20 years! With his leadesrhip, we were able to last so long! You can find him on Monday nights!


Eric Ellens, Veteran Volunteer/Monday Night Staff


Eric Ellens is a long time volunteer! He has a huge heart for the kids and this ministry. Also working with Randy on Monday nights, he loves sushi, his family, Jesus, and some other fourth thing. Rarely will you ever catch him missing Skate Church!


Dale Ross, Veteran Volunteer/Thursday Night Staff


Dale Ross is another long time veteran of Skate Church. Catch him on Thursday nights always building relationships which is one of his gifts. Our resident forlift expert, he is always seen wearing the brand of the ministry he loves so much! He also has newborn grandkids! Congrats Dale!

Greg Visser, Veteran Volunteer/Thursday Night Staff

Greg Visser is another one of our volunteer staff. Pictured here with his wife Karen, Greg is humble man who loves the kids that come and loves what he does. Catch him on Thursday nights always ready to learn more about skating and scooters!